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I want to introduce myself. My name today in Germany is Egon Molineus. Nowadays I lead two practices for individual and team coaching, counseling and psychotherapy, one in Hamburg Altona Ottensen and another in Hohwacht Plön Schleswig-Holstein at the Baltic sea.

But I will tell you first some things about my life because I think a psychotherapist and coach profits from his studies at the university and further academies and institutions, working experience in hospitals and from his own life experience and deepness in order to be able to help other people to cope with extreme complexities.

I was born 1960 and grew up in a middle class cultivated family. The name I was given when being born was Enrique Orive, a Basque name, because my grandfather’s first name was Enrique and my father’s surname was Orive. I learnt lots of good and bad things from both of them. My grandfather was a charismatic gentleman. My father was an extremely creative hunter and banker. But I think I learnt most from my mother, who used to be an amanzingly strong and intelligent person and inspired in me a deep respect for cultivated  women and mothers. After growing up in old post-war fascist macho, isolated Spain. I knew there were other modern and free countries in the Western of Europe in cities like Amsterdam, London, Berlin, Stockholm, Copenhagen… and universities like Edinburgh, Saint Andrews, Groningen, Freiburg, Tübingen, Göttingen, La Sorbonne… and communities and spiritual places like Esalen, Findhorn, Rishikesh, Daramsala… and many others developing fast on intelligent, intellectual, social, ethical, spiritual, sustainable and economical levels… all of them waiting for me! And realizing I needed to enjoy a new green, full and open life and to breathe freely with my own experiences, I crossed the Pyrenees again and again, became a nomad and spent during my youth 15 quite alternative years studying, traveling, meditating and working physically and intellectually around the world, moving very often. I learnt four languages and spent some of those years in English speaking countries (Scotland, Ireland, England, California and India) and some years in French and German speaking countries. This open international orientated passion still accompanies me today in my sixties every time I fly again to Thailand, where my heart lies, or every time I say hallo to a new fellow client in my global psychological practices.  

As my youth came to an end, I settled down in Bavaria because I got there good chances to learn deeply about group psychology. After many years working in Germany, I got married to a wonderful German naturopath and yoga teacher (Sigrid Molineus) and adopted officially in her country my German our family name as Egon Molineus. But although I have now two nationalities I feel rather like a world citizen, one of the thousands living in big German cities and one of the millions living globally. 

Before becoming a psychologist, I studied teaching-methodology, languages and group-leading techniques and worked internationally for many enterprises, organizations and schools as a communication trainer, as a tourist guide, as an interpreter, as a socio-cultural group leader and facilitator and as a certified language teacher.

In my personal young life, I deepened experiences with meditation, relaxation, concentration and mind-control-techniques and martial arts. I felt like a fighter, a monk and a thinker. I made also enriching experiences with community living, spirituality and also with being completely alone or surrounded by unfriendly circumstances, which enable to learn and to practice how to use every resource. "Men are not gentle creatures, who want to be loved, who at the most can defend themselves if they are attacked; they are, on the contrary, creatures among whose instinctual endowments is to be reckoned a powerful share of aggressiveness. As a result, their neighbor is for them not only a potential helper or sexual object, but also someone who tempts them to satisfy their aggressiveness on him, to exploit his capacity for work without compensation, to use him sexually without his consent, to seize his possessions, to humiliate him, to cause him pain, to torture and to kill him. Homo homini lupus. Who in the face of all his experience of life and of history, will have the courage to dispute this assertion?" (Sigmund Freud)  

In the later twenty years I have been focusing on my psychological career work and my new family. Dealing professionally and fully responsibly with inner-personal, interpersonal and group dynamics interactive with thousands of individuals at different ages and with multiple backgrounds is a very challenging and growing experience.     

Main qualifications for my actual professional work: 

  • University master degree as a clinical psychologist.
  • As a postgraduate I engaged on the five-year German national highest standard psychotherapy work-and-study program under supervision in several psychiatric wards and psychotherapeutic outpatient departments. After the examinations at the government of Bavaria I obtained the German state license to practice as an independent psychological (cognitive-behavioral) psychotherapist in my own psychological practice in Hamburg Altona Ottensen.

Based on those, the further qualifications:

As a certified and registered member, I meet the professional standards and the ethical guidelines of the following organizations: 

  • Association of Statutory Health Insurance Physicians (NHS National Health Service) of Hamburg as a cognitive-behavioral therapist (CBT) 
  • Association of Psychological Psychotherapists (VPP)
  • Psychotherapists Chamber of Hamburg
  • Psychotherapists Chamber of Schleswig-Holstein
  • Professional association of German psychologists (BDP)
  • German psychotherapist Association (DPTV)
  • Milton Erickson Society for Hypnosis

I can offer you professional diagnostic and evidence-based psychotherapeutic support against the following disorders (ICD International Classification of Diseases, WHO World Health Organization):

F10-F19 Mental and behavioral disorders due to psychoactive substance use

F20-F29 Schizophrenia, schizotypal, delusional, and other non-mood psychotic disorders

F30-F39 Mood [affective] disorders
 Manic episode
 Bipolar disorder
 Depressive disorder
 Persistent mood (affective) disorders

F40-F48 Anxiety, dissociative, stress-related, somatoform and other nonpsychotic mental disorders

    F40 Phobic anxiety disorders
    F41 Other anxiety disorders
    F42 Obsessive-compulsive disorder
    F43 Reaction to severe stress, and adjustment disorders
    F44 Dissociative and conversion disorders
    F45 Somatoform disorders
    F48 Other nonpsychotic mental disorders

F50-F59 Behavioral syndromes associated with physiological disturbances and physical factors

    F50 Eating disorders
    F51 Sleep disorders not due to a substance or known physiological condition
    F52 Sexual dysfunction not due to a substance or known physiological condition
    F53 Puerperal psychosis
    F54 Psychological and behavioral factors associated with disorders or diseases classified elsewhere     F55 Abuse of non-psychoactive substances
    F59 Unspecified behavioral syndromes associated with physiological disturbances and physical factors

F60-F69 Disorders of adult personality and behavior

    F60 Specific personality disorders
    F63 Impulse disorders
    F64 Gender identity disorders
    F65 Paraphilias
    F66 Other sexual disorders
    F68 Other disorders of adult personality and behavior
    F69 Unspecified disorder of adult personality and behavior

If you want to change any skewed thoughts and behavior patterns in order to heal a psychic or psychosomatic disorder, you can get professional effective help from cognitive-behavioral psychotherapy.

If you desire to improve your personal and social skills and goals and overcome challenges in your career and private life, you might profit from coaching and counseling.

You may need a professional counselor in order to change your behavior and cope efficiently with stressful situations and emotional feelings. You may aim to feel more confident and develop better understanding and social and communication skills in order to enhance your relationships. You may need guidance on a conflict resolution or solving a problem.

Coaching may help you to find confidence, practice new behaviors or improve effectiveness in leading staff, structuring processes and achieving tasks in your workplace.  Along the process you may search for your core strengths, cope with increasing demands or find a balance between work and private life.

Common denominators in my expertise:
In all these three areas (psychotherapy, counseling and coaching) you are entering with me a creative, discovering process in order to actively broaden your own potential and outlook. Therefore you must be ready to make real changes. First, alternative perspectives and solutions are to be created; you are to think different and to break patterns. Thought-provoking strategies will inspire. Problem-solving skills are engaged. Goals will be set and strategies will be tailor-made in order to create outcomes. You will be encouraged to make important decisions and to implement them actively and immediately and assuming full responsibility. By means of directive and non-directive strategies you will be fostered in your self-awareness and in the awareness of other people. Along this process you will be challenged to regulate your emotional reactivity and to trust your feelings and your intuition.


Financing your psychotherapy in my practice. 

Financing your psychotherapy in my practices. 
This are two officially registered private practices for psychotherapy. But not a public practice. 
All my clients pay the bills themselves. Some patients get the cost reimbursed by health insurances: 

- Private insurances mostly refund you the costs in my practises. 

- Public German insurances only refund you the costs if they have approved your refund KOSTENERSTATTUNG application for the refund in my practice. Before approving your application Public German insurances  will not refund you the costs. 

In order to write an KOSTENERSTATTUNG application you need: 
- A hard copy of your contacting your insurance by writing and asking them to help you with finding a therapy place with a public psychotherapist.  
- Calling the TSS (Terminservicestelle = call center)  der KV Hamburg 040 / 55 55 02 00  and asking them for a first interview with a public therapist. 
- Taking personally a first interview with a public therapist and getting from him a PTV11 form with a certification of needing urgently a psychotherapy. In order to file a claim for reimbursement, the following must be marked in PTV11: - AMBULANTE PSYCHOTHERAPIE. And: - ZEITNAH ERFORDERLICH.

If AKUTEBEHANDLUNG is ticked in your PTV11, then you have to kontakt the TSS (Terminservicestelle = call center) der KV Hamburg 040 / 55 55 02 00 and ask them for a public practice providing a AKUTBEHANDLUNG. If this does not work, you can then start your aplication procedure for a cost refund in my practice. 
- My (Egons) letter of invitation in my practices for immediate start of a psychotherapy with the refund system. I will write this letter for your insurance after you took your probatory sessions in my practice and having got well with each other). 



Psychotherapy / Counseling / Coaching: Differences and Financing

Psychotherapy / Counseling / Coaching: Differences and Financing

  • Psychotherapy: you are mentally disturbed or psychosomatically ill in your behavior (thoughts / feelings / actions / physical reactions / social interactions). Psychotherapeutic treatment takes place after a diagnosis.
    • Financing psychotherapy in private practice:
    • All patients pay all their bills themselves.
    • Private german health insurances and allowances reimburse the costs for the initial consultation and 4 trial sessions without further ado and afterwards for the treatment in my practice if there is a disorder with disease value and the necessary applications have been approved. Because Egon Molineus is licensed as a psychotherapist and entered in the doctor's register and has a certificate of expertise in behavior therapy and is therefore allowed to treat and bill psychotherapeutically. You can get the application forms from your insurance provider (private health insurances and Beihilfe).
    • The psychotherapist applies directly to the police and the armed forces.
    • Statutory german health insurances do NOT reimburse any costs. In the event of system failure in statutory health insurance at public health insurance practices, it is possible to apply for reimbursement. This procedure is very difficult at the moment. See all the information on my website: Reimbursement of costs for financing psychotherapy for those with statutory health insurance
  • Coaching and Counseling: you do not want to cope with any mental or psychosomatic illness with this. There is no disorder with disease value. You want to achieve professional or personal goals or take on challenges. Health insurance does not finance these two benefits.


If you have decided to try counseling or coaching or psychotherapy, please fill in this form to make an appointment for a initial session.



Contact my practices for Coaching, Psychotherapie and Counseling

Dipl.-Psych. Egon Molineus 

  • Ärztehaus in der Bahrenfelderstrasse 169, 5.OG, 22765 Hamburg Altona Ottensen
  • An den Tannen 39, 24321 Hohwacht (Ostsee) Plön Holstein




If you have a german public health insurance, you can only work in my practice as self payer. You might be interested in reading the info about the cost refund system KOSTENERSTATTUNG in my website.